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Core Beers

Salsera Sour Fruited Gose

6% ABV

Fruited Gose

Brewer's Note

A jammy, heavily fruited and salted sour ale. Featuring local Strawberry, Raspberry, Lime, Sea Salt. A bright fusia star ready for the spotlight.

Road Rash Hazy Dipa

8% ABV

Hazy Dipa

Brewer's Note

A high octane Hazy Double IPA with a rider friendly delivery. Layered with German Pilsner, American Oat Malt and Wheat, this beverage goes down smooth. The Galaxy and Citra deliver the bottom end power with intense notes of orange, tangerine and grapefruit.

Roller Garden West Coast IPA

6.9% ABV

West Coast IPA

Brewer's Note

A classic West Coast IPA named after the former Roller Gardens skating rink at the Wagon Wheel Junction. This IPA features Citra and El Dorado hops that provide fresh aromas of orange peel and ripe melon. It drinks crisp and dry with a clean bitter finish that rolls right over your palate.

Wagon Wheel Blonde Ale

4.6% ABV

Blonde Ale

Brewer's Note

A straw colored easy drinking ale. It goes down extremely easy with a rounded biscuity finish. Zuper Saazer hops provide hints of lemon and citrus.

Pure Beer Joy.